Friday, 9 December 2016

This video is about talking about what those illusions are and how they are formed.
Things that i  have learnt from this video.
--- Sometimes, our brain can "Trick" us by showing a weird image.
--- We see things differently through our perspective.
--- Our brain cannot see different small changes unless very sharp.

Hello fellow classmates and teachers, my name is Bryan. Classmates and teachers, you can address me as Bryan. Today, i will be introducing myself on a blog!!

Q - What are some things i like to do?
A - I like to play video games. I play video games because i am able to have fun with my friends online without meeting each other when we do not have the time to and we do not need to move about to some other places other than our homes! The game i like to play is CSGO.

Q - What kind of sports do i like to play?
A - I like to play badminton, i like to swim and i like to play table tennis! Badminton is able to strengthen my muscles and swimming will allow me to have fun in the water! While table tennis is like badminton and it is fun because i can compete with my family and friends on table tennis!

Image result for miso ramenQ - What is my favourite food?
A - My favourite food is Japanese Ramen. Why do i like ramen? Its because the brouth is tasty and gives the noodle a good taste. I especially like the MISO RAMEN!!